Summer Program 2020


The SAY Detroit Play Center (SDPC) Summer Program will provide engaging, thoughtful, enriching, and dynamic academic, artistic, physical education and social engagement.  We will provide a light breakfast, a full lunch and a snack.  Our staff will be trained, loving, and engaged.  Our facility is fantastic:  a full size court donated by the Detroit Pistons, a softball and baseball field donated by the Detroit Tigers, a full size football field donated by the Detroit Lions’ quarterback, Matthew Stafford, a professional music studio provided by the national organization Notes4Notes, a dance studio, an art studio and a spacious learning area.  Much of your child’s time will be spent in a 12 to 1, student to camp counselor ratio.

Dates: July 6 - August 13
Monday - Thursday, 7:45 am - 4:45 pm*
Total slots: 60 **ONLY 25 slots left**

Cost: FREE

*includes staggered start/ending times for COVID-19 safety precautions

Student Commitment

Interested students must apply for the program. To be considered for acceptance, a completed application must be submitted by June 30.

  • Students must be engaged participants in all activities.
  • Students must exhibit excellent citizenship. This includes all participants being respectful to all young people in the program, all adults and interns, and to themselves.
  • Students must adhere to all safety protocols throughout the summer. This includes:
    • Respecting physical distancing of 6 feet or more at all times.
    • Wearing their mask over their nose and mouth when indoors at all times, except when eating or drinking.
    • Sneezing and coughing into their elbow, tissue or paper towel.
    • Washing and sanitizing their hands when requested to do so and when they know they have touched their eyes, mouth, or nose.
    • Listening and following all safety protocol directions when inside and outside of the Center during camp hours.
    • Sneezing and coughing into their elbow, tissue or paper towel.
    • Regular COVID-19 diagnostic testing (provided free, on-site)
  • Students must meet all attendance requirements as listed below. (However, students who are sick or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to stay home).

Parent Commitment

  • Provide a 2019/2020 school year full transcript or all four report cards on school letterhead. If you are unable to get your child’s transcript due to the closing of schools due to COVID-19, please be prepared to share your recollection of your child(ren)’s grades as well as reading, writing and math abilities at our parent orientation.
  • Required parent attendance at pre-meeting, mid-camp meeting, and post-meeting.
  • Your child’s enrollment in the SAY Detroit Play Center Summer Camp can only be secured by the attendance of a parent or guardian at parent orientation. Due to COVID-19, all accepted children must attend orientation with their parent. Orientation meetings will be held on July 1st and July 2nd.  Select your date and time in the application form below.
  • Parents must report if they, a family, member or their child attending SDPC camp has COVID-19 symptoms or seems unwell (the symptoms as related to children continues to be learned, so notification of any symptoms of illness could be important).
  • Honor your child's attendance requirements and submit notices regarding excused absences as listed below.
  • Because we are limiting non-staff contact, parents must do pick-up and drop-off outside of the Center. This will require that parents arrive early for both drop off and pick up so that students do not end up waiting in groups unintentionally.

Attendance Requirement

  • There will be 23 summer session days. Students will report each day to the summer program no later than 8:25 a.m. A student who is tardy more than three times may be dismissed from the program.  If a child wants breakfast, they must arrive at the Center between 8:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m.
  • Written absence excuses must be provided.
  • Students must attend a minimum of 20 days unless they bring us written evidence that they had an illness (especially displaying COVID-19 symptoms) or death in the family that kept them out of programming longer.
  • Students may miss up to 4 consecutive days (or a week) for family activities/vacation with written notification at least three days in advance.
  • Students must do make-up academic work in order to remain in the program. If they have a planned absence, they should take the work with them and bring it back upon their return.  If the absence is unplanned, they must take it and complete it within 24 hours of their return.  We will provide support for students to do their make-up work on-site the day that they return.

These  attendance requirements are designed to ensure that your child(ren) have an optimal educational experience.  If young people are absent they miss learning. We want a shared commitment to giving your child a good educational experience.