Our mission is to develop great readers and great people, and that starts with individualized one-on-one reading tutoring for all students reading below grade level. Students who are reading at or above grade level can get personalized support for ACT and SAT preparation—or help tutor younger students.

We have partnered with SOAR Tutoring, which has a ten-year history of increasing students’ average reading proficiency two grade levels each year. And we need a committed team of dedicated volunteers to work with our students. That’s why we need YOU!

84% of elementary and early middle school students who participated in our reading intervention program grew one year or more in reading levels in the 2017-2018 academic year.

With SOAR, we prepare the lessons, you follow the step-by-step process...and our students’ reading improves. Would you consider committing two hours each week to sit and read with a struggling student?

Here's How . . .

Once a week, you are scheduled to work with two students, for an hour each. You arrive, grab the student’s lesson folder, glance at the activities and greet the student.

Each session combines reading, writing, vocabulary review and a skills activity tailored to meet the student’s individual needs.

The process is simple and mentor-friendly. You focus on modeling and encouraging your student using the materials provided.

A Few Details

  1. All mentors are required to complete a background check and attend a two-hour training before they begin working with a student. Training sessions will be at the Center beginning in September. Dates to be announced.
  2. Tutoring runs from September 21 until early May.
  3. One-hour tutoring sessions take place at 4:00 and 5:00 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Science in the DEEP

An interactive science center opened in February 2016 through a partnership with Dow Chemicals and Cooper Standard. The state-of-the-art Science in the DEEP center will make science come to life through computers provided by the companies and STEM programs facilitated by their employees. Volunteers from the Dow STEM Ambassadors program and the Cooper Standard STEM Accelerator program will offer tutoring, science demonstrations and career information. SAY Play has also launched a Lego Robotics team.