Carlos Quiroga

Digital Education Coordinator

Carlos Quiroga joined the SAY Detroit Play Center team June 2022 as an Education Program Assistant. During this time he not only mentored, and tutored students he also took on the Piston’s Program centered around Designing & Marketing their own t-shirts. This program empowered SAY Detroit students to create competitive designs and marketing plans among two cohorts. Due to the students tremendous work, both designs were picked up by the Pistons and sold online on their website.

After the conclusion of that program, Carlos created a new program called Script to Screen. This new program took a cohort of students into writing a script, filming, and showcasing their very own short-film. With the success of the pilot program, Script to Screen has grown to combine with other new programming that will culminate in a new Digital Education Center.

As the new Digital Education Coordinator, Carlos will now be coordinating not only Script to Screen, but also photography, robotics, content creation, podcasting, and e-sports gaming. He is very excited for the future of the Digital Education of Detroit Youth, and looks for any and every opportunity to connect the students of SAY Detroit with digital opportunities to help grow their skills, and prepare them for a digital future.