Amber Mitchell

Partnership Manager

Amber Mitchell is the esteemed Partnership Manager at Say Detroit Play Center, renowned for her exceptional skills in cultivating strategic collaborations and fostering impactful relationships. With an extensive background in partnership development and management, Amber is instrumental in expanding the center’s network and enhancing its outreach efforts.

Additionally, Amber serves as the lead gardening instructor for Say Detroit Play Center’s summer gardening program. She educates youth about permaculture and nutrition, instilling valuable skills and knowledge in the next generation.

Outside of her role at the center, Amber is well-known in Detroit for her thriving skincare business, HoneyGirl Skincare (@honeygirlskincare), founded in 2019. She is also recognized for her work in urban gardening, co-founding Crane Street Garden alongside her two older brothers and family friend in 2021.

Amber’s multifaceted expertise and dedication to community engagement make her an invaluable asset to Say Detroit Play Center and the broader Detroit community.