A Tribute to Mothers

May 9, 2016 | Change the Game, News + Updates | 0 comments

My mom grew up on a farm in Southfield as the only girl with six brothers. To this day, she contends she was the best athlete of them all.  In addition to raising four children, she was a teacher at Hutchinson Elementary School in Detroit for ten years before going back to school to become a nurse.  She worked at Mount Carmel (now Sinai Grace) for more than 30 years before retiring a few years ago.

Seeing no good reason to slow down, my mom started a business called Wallace Scones in her mid 70’s with a good friend of hers.  They make scones and sell them in groceries stores around Michigan.  Channel 7 even featured her in the news on a segment called “My Mom’s a Genius.”

My mom will turn 77 in a few months, and she still beats me in golf.  When I tell my friends that, they all laugh at me–but none of them will play her.

When I think of the impact we are trying to have on the young people we serve, I can’t help but think it’s the impact my mom has had on me–not just to play sports, but to work hard, serve others, and keep learning and growing.

Thanks today to all Moms for helping us change the game.

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