Buoyancy Project Presentations

This spring, volunteers from Cooper Standard have been working with 7th and 8th grade student teams to create a boat and perform a test on its buoyancy. They have designed and coded boat models, which will be 3D printed.

Panel of Judges

• Brigit Anthony
• Jeneen Rippey
• Mike Tenbusch
• Scott Prygoski
• Sabrina Walker

Project Goals & Evaluation Requirements

1. Performance Requirements

– Hold the most product (weight) while remaining afloat on body of water
– For prototype, the customer requires a minimum capable load of 5grams.

2. Manufacturing Cost
– Use minimal amount of material to keep costs down.
– Manufacturing cost ( Direct Labor / Time to 3D print + Material Cost)
– Selling price must not exceed $50.
– Maximize % Profit

3. Robustness Test
– No loss of performance (outlined in 1) after impact from 3ft drop

Project Presentations (10 Minutes / Team)

Group # /Team Members

Making Waves

Mario Willis (Designer/Quality)
Chamari L (Buyer /Purchasing)
Remoan Williams (Buyer / Purchasing)
Ny’Aira (Project Manager)
Kameron Roberts (Designer)

River Renegades
Rahmyza Muhammed (Quality)
Jamarion Willis (Buyer)
Donald (Designer)
Tre ‘Dale(Project Manager),
Cadillacs Tamajai (Designer)
Rahmani Muhammed (Manufacturing / Sec. Designer)
Kennedy Chapman(Quality)
Jayden Mckay(Sales)

Rich and Famous Boats
Darrius Neal (Project Manager)
Malik Smith (Purchasing/Buyer)
Darrius Jowuan (Designer)
Melissa (Sales/Marketing)

The Jays
Javon Thomas (Project Manager)
Diamond Baptiste (Quality)
Dynasha Binuon(Marketing)
Jermaine Moore (Designer)
Jasmin (Buyer)


Jul 07 2024


12:00 am - 12:00 am


SAY Detroit Play Center
19320 Van Dyke Street

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