Summer of Success Gets a Boost from the YDRC

Jun 20, 2018 | News + Updates | 0 comments

Through a grant from the National Summer Learning Association, S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center’s Summer of Success program was one of twenty programs selected by the Youth Development Resource Center for a Summer Learning Program Quality Improvement pilot project.

The Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention is a national best-practice model designed to help summer programs reach the highest level of quality and impact for the youth they serve. Staff at S.A.Y. Play underwent two days of professional development, assessment, and evaluation to help propel our Summer of Success initiative into one of the top summer programs, for years to come. S.A.Y. Play was eligible, and selected, for this pilot development because the Summer of Success camp employs youth in the mayor’s Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program as counselors, and because Summer of Success is focuses equally on academic enrichment and fun, creative activities.

Benefits include:

  • Over $4000 worth of staff training and data tools for summer 2018
  • A reliable external summer learning program quality assessment
  • A quick action report and coaching to quickly make quality improvements
  • The opportunity to learn from your youth development professional peers in Detroit and expert trainers/coaches from the Youth Development Resource Center and the National Summer Learning Association

Staff at S.A.Y. Play will attend a third workshop on data use in summer learning planning at the University of Michigan Detroit Center to complete its participation at the end of August.

Read up on the Summer of Success program here.


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