Winter 2020 Baseball Update

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Every Sunday, our free winter baseball camps saw an average of 50 student-athletes from around the local community and Metro Detroit. Participants aged 6-20 years old, and were primarily African American and Hispanic kids who have been a part of the Full Count Foundation in different capacities. The clinics were led by Coach Dozier Jr.,  for 11 consecutive weeks, utilizing SAY Play’s  gym, dance room, and basement. Participants were broken into two sessions by age, 6-12 and 13 – 19.

The collaboration with University Prep High School (UPREP)  was very unique compared to other high school sports programs throughout the city. Coach Dozier  came up with the collaboration as a way to enhance the athletic culture within SAY Play. Prior to this collaboration, SAY Play baseball team was not well-known through the local baseball community. This is in comparison to SAY Play’s state-winning POP Warner Football Team and its competitive PAL basketball program. 

For three days a week, the varsity baseball and softball players were picked up from school by SAY Play’s shuttle vans, participated in the Digital Education Enrichment Program (DEEP), and one hour of baseball training. According to DEEP staff and throughout the center, the UPREP student-athletes had a positive influence over the younger SAY Play members by modeling behavior. Due to COVID-19, they never got to have a single season game with so many players being seniors and juniors.

Winter 2020 Baseball Update | SAY Play Center


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