Exploring the World Through a New Lens

Feb 10, 2018 | News + Updates | 0 comments

SAY Detroit Play Center is proud to welcome Capturing Belief, an apprenticeship program that teaches youth photography as a tool to self discovery, a catalyst to foster curiosity, critical thinking and a means to reshape the often one dimensional negatively- skewed narrative of their lives as young people in urban America. Khary Mason and Romain Blanquart, who created the photography program to inspire and enrich the lives of children in Detroit, first worked with students at SAY Play last fall in a special project around Detroit. Students were tasked with writing essays about their 3 wishes for their city, addressing the needs of our communities. Ten essay writers were chosen for a photography exploration, led by Capturing Belief, around the city to complement their essay ideas, and were later presented at the holiday showcase.

As of this year, Capturing Belief is permanently installed with SAY Play as a photography class and club offering various opportunities to explore their community, and themselves, through this new lens.


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