The images we see, shape the individual we will be…Knowing that, Capturing Belief is a photography program created to inspire and enrich the lives of children in Detroit.

Capturing Belief is a workshop that teaches students photography and helps them recognize the power of visual storytelling. Founded by Khary Mason and Romain Blanquart, Capturing Belief encourages children to use photography as a tool to discover their own environment and travel beyond it to see and experience the diversity of the world and cultures.

Students learn the basics of photography and the art of visual storytelling.

Activity Details

Status: Active

Age Group: 8-18

Dates: 01/11/2022-

Instructor/Director(s): Romain Blanquart, Khary Mason, and other professional mentors

Partner: Capturing Belief

Notes / Announcements

  • In 2018 Capturing Belief partnered with SAY Detroit Play Center to contribute to their vision to be the premiere training center for young people to improve their community and nurture their individual growth.
  • Student work has been featured in exhibitions and media, including:
  • Art Installation at SAY Play

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